About Team GallopNYC

GallopNYC* uses therapeutic horsemanship to help riders walk, talk, connect, focus, behave and learn, inspiring each one to live life as fully, productively and independently as possible. Demand for GallopNYC’s proven services has never been higher – today  over 900  New York City children with disabilities are waiting to ride!  With our new home at Gemini Stables (see the recent NYTimes article),  GallopNYC can serve many more New York City youth with disability, and can deepen its commitment to serving low-income families.  Your support  will help move a young rider off our waiting list and into the saddle, today.  Help GallopNYC achieve its vision that all New York City youth with disability have access to therapeutic horsemanship.

*GallopNYC is a Youth INC Nonprofit Partner.


Racers & Supporters

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